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If you don't say what you mean you'll never mean what you say!

Orginally from England I've been living and working in Germany for 12 years! Ich spreche fliessend Englisch, Deutsch und Deunglish! I can help you to confidently present yourself or your Business to the English speaking world

English Translation, Writing & Tuition.

++ Business & Commercial Services

+ German to English translations.
+ English website & brochure copywriting.
+ Inhouse conversation courses.
+ Personal coaching in English public speaking & presentation skills.
+ English Interpreter, presenter & representative.

+ Improve vocabulary, understanding & pronounciation!
+ Develop confidence and fluency with your spoken English!
+ Present yourself and your business with confidence!
+ All levels from Beginners to Advanced

++ Private Tuition Services

+ Personal tuition.
+ Student homework and tuition groups.
+ Intensive exam revision and preparation TEFL / EFL.
+ Correction and editing of assigments, theses, and term papers.
+ Translation of CV's and job application portfolios

Further Information:

Contact: Ollie Clubb · T 0157 795 282 69 · english@beasily.com